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Everyone needs to clean up, and our handmade shampoo bar will have you covered. Starting with a solid mix of natural oils and shea butter, we add essential oils to leave your face smelling fresh and clean. And, since we use those oils and shea butter as our base, it's safe for vegan beards and bodies too. 


In Stock:

  • Woody (patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, pine)
  • 7 Sins (leather, tobacco, rum, coffee, cedar, bergamot, nutmeg)
  • Morning Wood (Texas cedar, coffee grounds, leather)
  • Old World (frankinscence, black pepper, sandalwood, black walnut, French yellow clay)
  • Mystic Woods (pine, jasmine, sweet tobacco, Nag Champa, madder root, hibiscus blossoms)


Travel Suds:

  • Woody Green (patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, pine, CBD oil)
  • Beardvana (Nag Champa, Lemon)
  • Into the Woods (leather, cedar, tobacco, rum, eucalyptus, coffee, cypress, rosemary, nutmeg, ash, frankincense)
  • Tea Thyme (lemon, Early Grey tea leaves, thyme)


Scruffy Suds Shampoo Bar