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For those that don't need the hold as much as they need the moisturizing and shine, we offer you Oso Scruffy's beard butter. Our butter is made with simple organic ingredients, and each batch is packaged individually by hand. Our base of beeswax, African shea butter, and coconut oil can be mixed with any of our scents that we already offer. Just tell us what we can do for you!


Check out the scent options for your butter here. 

Oso Scruffy Beard Butter

  • Directions: Use the back of your thumbnail to scrape a small amount of balm, and rub it between your hands until smooth. Work through entire beard, and use more if needed. 

    For external use only. Test a small amount of product on your skin before full application.

    Ingredients: coconut oil, African shea butter, beeswax, organic fragrance oils

  • We ship all of our products anywhere in the world using the USPS. Our bubble mailers protect the product on its way to your door. We calculate all shipping costs for each order to ensure you are not charged any more for shipping that necessary. 

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