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Oso Scruffy

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Our Story

Hi, my name is Oso. I started Oso Scruffy Natural Beard Brand softly in about 2015 as a way to provide myself and my friends natural beard care. We've grown and gone legit, and are a family-owned and operated company. All of our products are made and individually packaged by hand. With Oso Scruffy, you'll get the right mix of moisturizing, shine, and hold with our own blend of ingredients that we are happy to say we use on a daily basis ourselves. We never put a product in front of our customers without thoroughly testing it ourselves.

Using a combination of African shea butter, organic beeswax, organic coconut and jojoba oils in the right ratios, we began testing different essential oils and fragrances to find the right aromas to suit whatever the occasion calls for. Whether a special night out, or just the day to day grind, our beard balms, butters, soaps, and waxes fit any body. 

In an effort to give back to our local community, Oso Scruffy uses minimal and recyclable packaging. We also donate 10% of all of our profits to the Austin Street Center in Dallas. For over 30 years, Austin Street Center has specialized in caring for the most vulnerable homeless men and women in Dallas. Beyond meeting basic needs, Austin Street is committed to individualized care for each person who comes to them for help.



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The first barber shop to carry our products, Ryan is a wizard with the scissors and blade. Relax, watch a fight, maybe have a cold beer, and let him work his magic. 


Want to know where you can get our products up close and in person? Check out these partners that carry our line in their stores. Note: different partners will have different products in their inventory, so make sure you check them all out! 


Sir Rat Leather & Gear is a small LGBTQIA+ POC owned business from texas, that is committed to provide gear to all layers of our community. Sir Rat is also all about supporting local charities, title holders in their journey. The company is very diverse, and invested in their local communities. 

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